Basel, Switzerland, and Konstanz, Germany, October 6, 2015 / B3C newswire / –  Konstanz based contract research organization trenzyme GmbH and Basel based Celonic AG today announced the closure of a licence agreement on Celonics CHO-K1 based cell line expression platform SEFEX. Under the terms of the deal, trenzyme acquires the non-exclusive rights and know-how on this technology to establish high performance cell lines for R&D and GMP production purposes for its clients.

The SErum Free EXpression technology, SEFEX, is a royalty-free cell line based on CHO-K1 cells. This powerful platform offered by the Swiss CDMO Celonic can be used throughout the entire development ranging from laboratory cultures to production scale. It is robust, highly performant, easy to implement and guarantees maximum productivity, substantial cost savings and scale-up stability for more project safety. As an experienced R&D cell line developer, trenzyme is looking forward to enter a new market by the closure of the licence agreement on Celonics SEFEX technology.

“We are very happy since the deal enables us to extend our cell line services. From now on, we can additionally offer the generation of a cell line which can not only be used for R&D but also for subsequent GMP manufacturing purposes” said Reinhold Horlacher, founder and CEO of trenzyme. “With this agreement, we can save our clients time and money on their way from research to pharmaceutical production. There is no further need of two different cell lines as the generated R&D cell line can be directly upgraded to GMP manufacturing. In addition, we can provide maximal comparability of their drug substances from R&D to clinical research. All that at a very competitive price.”

“Just last year, we obtained titers beyond 7 g/L of an antibody product, so the technology proved to be extremely efficient. This means less Cost of Goods for the clients.” said Karlheinz Landauer, Chief Operating Officer of Celonic. “As Celonics partner, trenzyme has received a technical service package and was verified by our quality management. Hence, we can guarantee its clients to take over their approved R&D cell lines and upgrade them to a fully GMP compliant Master Cell Bank. In addition, we can transfer the cell lines seamlessly to our process development and GMP manufacturing units.”

About trenyzme
trenzyme GmbH is a privately owned German contract research organization based in Konstanz, offering a wide range of highly customized services in cell line development and recombinant protein production for its national and international clients, ranging from academia and small biotechs up to big pharmaceutical companies. Since its establishment in 2000, trenzymes scientific experts have been continuously developing new and comprehensive solutions to provide reliable and highly individualized support for the challenging projects of its clients. Whether their needs are in development of assay cell lines, production cell lines or in recombinant protein production, trenzyme delivers the perfect solution by always following its clear mission: Accelerating innovation and save valuable research time and budget!

About Celonic
Celonic AG is privately owned CDMO based in Basel, Switzerland providing comprehensive GMP development and manufacturing services for New Biological Entities (NBEs) and Biosimilars worldwide. These services include the development of cell lines, production processes as well as the GMP and non-GMP manufacturing of biopharmaceutical drug substances. In addition, Celonic licenses its proprietary SEFEX cell line technology to clients, drug developer and other service provider. In every aspect Celonic goes one step beyond expectations, to help its partner attain their goals better, more efficiently and reliably. Empathy, Efficiency and Excellence belong to his business model / philosophy.

rum Free EXpression (SEFEX) cell lines developed by Celonic are very powerful and guarantee cost savings. The same cell lines can be used in the early R&D development phase that will later be used for GMP production. This saves time and money as well as considerably improving safety. A license package for SEFEX includes the cell line, a vector set and all relevant information for cultivation, handling, screening and selection.


trenzyme GmbH
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Celonic AG
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