Recombinant Protein plus Polyclonal Antibody – Service Package

To support your research project we offer a comprehemsive expression and purification service packages for recombinant protein expression in E.coli and the generation of a corresponding polyclonal antibody. Our packages include all steps from cloning, purification and generation of a polyclonal antibody for a fixed price.

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Recombinant Protein plus Antibody_Recombinant Protein Expression Service

Recombinant Protein plus Polyclonal Antibody – Service Package

This package covers all the steps from cloning to expression in E.coli and purification of a protein, followed by generation of a polyclonal antibody, for a fixed price. As starting material we can either use an existing expression vector construct from the client or start with codon-optimized gene synthesis (at additional costs).

For more challenging targets, the manufacturability will be assessed in a small scale pilot experiment and it will be checked whether a native or a denaturing purification is required. If desired, we will provide you with test samples. After successful pilot scale evaluation of the production, we guarantee the final yield, purity and timeline – you only pay the production run when we succeed!

If you need monoclonal antibodies: We are happy to provide you with a customized recombinant protein to start monoclonal antibody production at our partner BioGenes.

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Protein Production plus Polyclonal Antibody Generation


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Protein Production plus Polyclonal Antibody 

Package Includes

  • Comprehensive service package from cloning to purification and antiserum generation for a fixed price!
  • Yield: starting at 3 mg purified protein
  • Protein purity: > 90 %
  • At least 40 ml antiserum with tested titer by ELISA
  • Short processing time: within 4 business weeks we produce your antigen, 8 business weeks for the generation of the polyclonal antibody
  • Immunization of two pre-screened rabbits by our reliable partner BioGenes
  • Standard analytics: SDS-PAGE, purity and concentration determination
  • Guaranteed service – pay only when we succeed!

Additional service options:

  • Gene synthesis as starting point
  • Purchase of additionally produced antigens
  • Immunization of other animal species
  • Generation of monoclonal antibodies
  • Pilot study for demanding targets to determine productivity
  • Extended analytics of the antigen, such as mass spectrometry, endotoxin detection, western blot or ELISA
  • Low endotoxin protein purification and endotoxin removal

What Our Clients Say About Us

We are happy that trenzyme is such an experienced partner who complements our antibody generation service with their excellent protein production skills.

Dr. Dagmar Schwertner-Knoll BioGenes GmbH, Berlin, Germany
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From Working With Us

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Guarantee – Pay Only When We Succeed!

We guarantee the final quantity and purity of your desired target antigen as well as the antiserum quantity (tested titer by ELISA) in the given timeframe. You only have to pay when we succeed!

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All-inclusive Service Package

We provide a high quality service package for recombinant protein expression in E.coli plus polyclonal antiserum generation. Everything from cloning to final protein purification and immune serum generation is included in a fixed price.

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Transparency & High Quality

Our dedicated project management will guide your project through every step of the process and keep you constantly informed on the progress. Transparency and high quality service are our mission.

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Free Feasibility Analysis & Consulting

Our free feasibility check of your protein sequence is the basis for our free individual consultation to define the ideal service strategy for your target that will lead to success.

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Protein plus Antibody FAQs

Does a package deal for generation of monoclonal antibody production exist?

A fixed price package for generation of a monoclonal antibody does not exist, since these types of services are individually designed in collaboration with our partner for immunization according to your exact needs.

Do you guarantee also the quality of the antibody / antiserum generated within your expression package "recombinant protein plus polyclonal antibody"?

Yes, we also guarantee the quality of an antiserum generated (polyclonal antibody). The final titer will be tested by ELISA.

Are any preservatives added to my proteins?

No, generally we do not add preservatives to the proteins since they may influence the protein activity. But if you have a preferred storage buffer, we can use your buffer.

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Reinhold Horlacher, PhD
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We would be happy to provide you with support on your protein research project. Let us know your questions and requests, our scientific experts will reply shortly.

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