Recombinant Protein Expression in E.coli – Service Package

Our comprehensive service package comprises all steps from cloning to recombinant protein expression in E.coli and high quality protein purification of your target protein. Our extensive expertise in recombinant protein expression in E.coli enables us to provide you with the best possible support for your research project, whether it is a standard protein or a challenging target.

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Recombinant Protein Expression in E.coli

Service Package

Our recombinant protein expression in E.coli service package is ideal for standard proteins. If you need limited quantities of a particular target protein, e.g. for initial target characterization or early-stage production, this is the service of choice. Furthermore, manufacturability and production data gained in the framework of a “protein production package” can also serve as a valuable starting point for future, upscaled and/or refined production of your target protein in our company.

Please contact us if you need larger quantities or have additional project requirements. Our protein experts are happy to support you with challenging targets and offer you tailor-made solutions with our Custom Protein Production Service.

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Process of

Recombinant Protein Expression in E.coli


Recombinant Protein Expression in E.coli

Service Package Includes

  • All steps from cloning to purification
  • Final yield: starting at 1 mg purified protein (more on request)
  • Final purity: > 90 %
  • Short processing time (for standard proteins): 4 business weeks including cloning, expression, purification and QC
  • As starting material we can either use an existing expression vector construct from the client or start with codon-optimized gene synthesis (additional service option).
  • Small scale pilot study for evaluation of manufacturability
  • Delivery of test samples from pilot study if desired
  • Comprehensive datasheet

Additional service options:

  • Gene synthesis as starting point
  • Purchase of additionally produced protein
  • Extended Quality Control: e.g. mass spectrometry, endotoxin detection, Western Blot or ELISA
  • Low endotoxin purification and endotoxin removal

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Your Benefits

From Working With Us

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Guarantee – Pay Only When We Succeed!

After feasibility analysis and sucessful pilot study we guarantee the final quantity and purity of your desired target protein in the given timeframe. You only pay when we succeed!

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Comprehensive Service Package

Comprehensive service package for recombinant protein expression and purification for a fixed price and a fixed scale.

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Transparency & High Quality

Our dedicated project management will guide your project through every step of the process and keep you constantly informed on the progress. Transparency and high quality service are our mission.

icon free feasibibity analysis

Free Feasibility Analysis & Consulting

Our free feasibility check of your protein sequence is the basis for our free individual consultation with you to define the ideal service strategy for your target that will lead to success.

What Our Clients Say About Us

We have been entrusting trenzyme for over a year with protein production and purification projects from various host organisms such as mammalian cells and E.coli. Throughout the entire collaboration, trenzyme has been a reliable, flexible, and innovative outsourcing partner. I particularly appreciate trenzyme’s scientific competence and their proactive communication during our collaboration, and I certainly hope that we will continue this collaboration in the years to come.

Dr. Christiane Smerling 3B Pharmaceuticals GmbH, Berlin, Germany
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Feasibility Check and Pilot Study

During initial free individual consulting, our scientific experts run a feasibility check (e.g. literature check, database check, product check, etc.) with your protein sequence to define the ideal service strategy for your specific target.

To achieve maximum efficiency and save you significant time and money, we additionally run a small scale pilot study in this service process. These preliminary assessments help us determine in advance whether the target protein expression in E.coli is possible and whether the purification process is feasible. If desired, we will provide you with test samples to check the functionality and quality of the purified target protein in your hands.

The big benefit for you: After pilot scale evaluation we guarantee the final yield, purity and timeline – you only pay the production run when we succeed!

  • If your target sequence is determined as challenging protein or you requested a high yield production (> 10 mg), we offer highly modular custom-tailored solutions.
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FAQs for Recombinant Protein Expression in E.coli

Can you provide a corresponding antibody for a recombinant protein?

If you need both, your recombinant protein and a corresponding antibody, our guaranteed antibody package will be the best service choice for you.

How will proteins be shipped?

Our standard priority shipment will be on dry ice. If required, we offer shipment on blue ice, at -20°C or even at room temperature (lyophilized proteins only) as well.

Are recombinant proteins and antibodies sterile?

We can additionally offer sterile filtration if you require this service.

Which countries does trenzyme deliver to?

  • Worldwide shipping subject to Embargo
  • Short delivery times
  • Our logistic experts and our delivery partners ensure that all products arrive to you in a perfect state without any loss of quality
  • Trusted and well-known delivery partners operating a worldwide logistics system
  • Continuous tracking and tracing of parcels (the tracking code is made available to you at the time of despatch)
  • Proteins/cell lines are usually shipped on dry ice to prevent quality loss during shipping. If required we can also organize alternative shipping conditions ( e.g. dry shipper, blue ice or room temperature)
  • We are committed to delivering our products with care, as sustainable environmental and climate protection is an important corporate objective (see Code of Conduct).
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Reinhold Horlacher CEO trenzyme
Reinhold Horlacher, PhD
Managing Director & CSO

We would be happy to provide you with support on your protein research project. Let us know your questions and requests, our scientific experts will reply shortly.

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