Gene Synthesis and Custom Cloning

High quality recombinant proteins and stable cell lines require high quality DNA. Whether you are interested in gene synthesis, DNA cloning or mutagenesis – our molecular biology department delivers the ideal recombinant gene or plasmid tools for the downstream applications that accelerate your life science innovation.

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Gene Synthesis

  • Fast delivery, direct cloning possible
  • High quality synthetic genes “Made in Germany”
  • Free codon and DNA structure optimization – optimize DNA sequences to significantly increase protein expression in any host
  • No limitations – any sequence in any vector. Accurately and efficiently we fuse your gene into any site on any vector
  • Collection of various expression vectors instantly available (vector toolbox)

Simply provide us with your desired target sequence and we will take care of the rest. Every synthesis service includes free codon and DNA structure optimization, if desired. We additionally offer comprehensive downstream services that accelerate your research as DNA subcloning into your own expression vector or in one of our huge vector collection.

Custom Cloning

  • Highly individual complex cloning projects possible
  • Huge collection of various expression vectors instantly available (vector toolbox)
  • Guaranteed results

Whether you need DNA cloning of PCR fragments, seamless cloning, sub-cloning, mutagenesis, plasmid purification or general vector construction, we are your one-stop-shop for uncompromising high quality plasmid construction.

Our molecular biology experts can bundle gene synthesis with cloning into the vector of your choice, or you can order DNA cloning projects from templates (plasmid or genomic DNA) you already have. Every other and even complex cloning strategy is possible – ask our experts, we will deliver the best cloning strategy for your individual needs.

Simply provide us with your electronic sequences or your project outline – we will propose a customized quotation.

highly individual complex cloning projects
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Additional Services

  • From gene to cell line – development of stable recombinant cell lines with constitutive or inducible target expression.
  • From gene to protein – recombinant protein production and purification services. From standard to highly customized solutions.
  • From gene to manufacturing – development of GMP-compliant high producer cell lines suitable for use from the R&D phase up to successful introduction of your product to the market.

Take your research project to the next level with our tailor-made services for recombinant protein production and for stable cell line development (GMP or non-GMP). Let us know your questions and requests about our DNA synthesis service, we will contact you shortly and provide the ideal solution for your project.

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