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Stem Cell Services

Since the first generation of human induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (hiPSCs) in 2007, there has been a growing interest in these extraordinary cells, which represent a powerful tool for research and development.

trenzyme‘s stem cell service portfolio provides custom solutions for your stem cell research workflows, including stem cell characterization, cell banking and directed differentiation into functional cells of various lineages.


Stem Cell Differentiation

Differentiation into all cell types (endo-, meso-, or ectoderm lineages)

Stem Cell Characterization

Variety of iPSC culture formats and functional readouts available


Stem Cell Differentiation Service

  • Do you need a highly customized iPSC differentiation protocol according to your specific needs or do you need support with your routine iPSC differentiation project? – Then rely on our well trained and experienced differentiation experts
  • We provide differentiation into all cell types (endo-, meso-, or ectoderm lineages)

Stem Cell Characterization Service

  • Are you reprogramming hiPSC lines or starting experiments using an unknown hiPSC line? – Our scientific stem cell experts support you with fully characterized and ready-to-use hiPSC master and working stocks
  • trenzyme’s scientific team supports you with a comprehensive stem cell characterization service and thus serves as your time- and cost-saving extended workbench

“trenzyme is one of our preferred service providers for cell line development and molecular biology services. The impressive level of personal customer liaison and the scientific competence are decisive factors for us to cooperate with trenzyme for many years and even to intensify in the area of demanding iPS cell line projects.”

Dr. Margit Bauer & Dr. Ralf Heilker

Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co KG, Biberach, Germany

Stem Cell Services

Stem Cell Services FAQs

What kind of cells can be cultured, characterized or differentiated?

We work with all kind of human iPS cell lines (healthy, diseased, modified). Other stem cell types can be analyzed or differentiated on demand.

Is it possible to purchase iPSC lines or iPSC-derived progeny from trenzyme?

Although we do have internal iPSC lines and validated differentiation protocols, we do not sell these iPSC lines or iPSC-derived progeny.

Does trenzyme have validated internal differentiation protocols, which can be used to differentiated customer iPSC lines towards a special cell type?

Yes, we do have internal differentiation protocols (e.g. neuronal, or hepatocyte protocols), which can be used in order to provide customized iPSC-derived cells. You will receive the generated and cryopreserved cells, as well as a comprehensive data sheet, however, no details regarding the differentiation protocol will be given.

Stefanie Traub, PhD

Stefanie Traub, PhD

Scientific Coordination Advanced Cell Systems

We would be happy to provide you with support on your stem cell research project. Let us know your questions and requests, our scientific experts will reply shortly.

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