Stable Cell Line Development

Stable recombinant cell lines are used in a variety of research and development applications such as assay development, drug screening and functional studies. Our proprietary ExoIN technology is a powerful and high reliable platform for generating high quality customized assay cell lines of very competitive timelines. We will set up the best strategy to transfect your individual cell line for constitutive or inducible recombinant expression of your gene of interest and validate expression of your target gene. The assessment of functional expression and generation of cell clones are available according to your needs.


Constitutive Expression

Customized assay cell lines with constitutive target expression

Inducible Expression

Highly effective inducible target protein expression in every mammalian cell line


Constitutive Expression Stable Cell Line

  • Do you want your cell line to recombinantly express your gene of interest all the time? – Rely on our proprietary ExoIN technology for fast and reliable development of customized assay cell lines with constitutive target expression
  • ExoIN technology is applicable for any mammalian cell line and for all classes of target proteins

Inducible Expression Stable Cell Line

  • Do you want to be able to control the target expression of your recombinant cell line? – Inducible expression based on ExoINDUCE system is a valuable tool for functional analysis of assay systems with toxic targets and without the risk of adaptation of the signaling pathway
  • Our smart selection strategies and our high expertise of different transfection methods allow highly effective inducible target protein expression in every mammalian cell line

“We were astonished by trenzyme’s recently delivered custom ExoIN cell lines. Even “difficult-to-express” constructs show stable and robust expression. I highly recommend trenzyme’s cell line development service.”

PD Dr. Dieter Wicher

Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology, Jena, Germany


Stable Cell Line Development FAQs

Does the ExoIN technology also work for supension cell lines and adherent cell lines?

Yes, the ExoIN technology works for both adherent and suspension cell lines.

Which cell lines have you already worked with?

We already worked with dozens of human (e.g. HT1080, Jurkat,…) and non-human cell lines (e.g. NIH3T3, PC12,…).

Which methods do you use for generation of single cell clones?

Routinely we apply flow cytometry based cell sorting or limiting dilution for single cell cloning. For difficult target cell lines we also offer colony picking in soft agar.

Antje Fuhrmann, PhD

Antje Fuhrmann, PhD

Application & Sales Manager

We would be happy to provide you with support on your cell line research project with our stable cell line generation services. Please use our contact form to let us know your questions and requests concerning our stable cell line services. Our scientific stable cell line experts will reply shortly.

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