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Our highly skilled scientific experts provide a one-stop-shop from cloning to development of stable cell lines or GMP-compliant Research Cell Banks (RCB). Both cell line services rely on powerful and well-established platforms: our proprietary ExoIN technology (stable cell line generation) and industry leading cGMP-compliant CHO based production cell line development platforms (GMP-compliant production cell line). In addition we provide hiPSC-related cell services compromising stem cell banking, characterization and differentiation.


Stable Cell Line Development Service

Ideal for assay development, drug screening and functional studies

GMP-compliant Production Cell Line Development Service

Ideal for new biological entities (NBEs) and biosimilar products

Cell Expansion Service

Ideal for toxicology assessment, bioassays and high throughput screening campaigns

Stem Cell Services

Ideal for modelling disease phenotypes needed for drug screening and pharmaceutical development

Assay Service

Assay development for in-vitro-toxicology and pharmaceutical testing


Cell Line Development and Stem Cell Services

Our clients and partners from the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry rely on our highly-customized cell services and benefit from our longstanding expertise and in-depth know-how on stem cells and stable expression of recombinant protein in different cell lines.

To optimally support our clients’ needs, we always work in close collaboration with our clients to ensure transparency, high quality and maximum success.

“trenzyme is one of our preferred service providers for cell line development and molecular biology services. The impressive level of personal customer liaison and the scientific competence are decisive factors for us to cooperate with trenzyme for many years and even to intensify in the area of demanding iPS cell line projects.”

Dr. Margit Bauer & Dr. Ralf Heilker

Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co KG, Biberach, Germany

Stable Cell Line Development

  • Development of custom stable recombinant cell lines with trenzyme’s proprietary ExoIN technology – the powerful and reliable system for generating assay cell lines tailored to your individual project requirements
  • Choose from our collection of parental cell lines (CHO or HEK) or provide us with your desired parental cell line
  • Generation of constitutive or inducible cell lines depending on your individual project’s needs
  • Platform ideal for assay development, drug screening and functional studies

GMP-compliant Production Cell Line Development

  • Development of GMP-compliant high producer cell lines – ideal for Biosimilars & NBE’s
  • One-stop-shop from cloning up to research cell bank generation (RCB) and development of DSP
  • Cell line ideal for R&D phase and subsequent GMP manufacturing – substantial saving of time and costs
  • No royalties: One-time license fee payment after R&D phase, sufficient to upgrade your cell line and to enter commercial phase and GMP manufacturing

Cell Expansion Service

  • Guarantee of high viability of cells, maintaining optimal target functionality in order to optimize your assay performance
  • Assay-ready frozen cells are ready-to-use any time
  • Expansion of stable-recombinant cell lines, non-modified cell lines, iPS cell lines and stem cells available
  • Cell batches enable streamlining of experimental workflows for toxicology assessment, bioassays and high throughput screening campaigns

Stem Cell Services

  • Differentiation into all cell types (endo-, meso-, or ectoderm lineages)
  • One-stop-shop: from iPSC banking to shipment of ready-to-use differentiated cells
  • Comprehensive project proposal and feasibility check
  • Modular service according to your needs
  • Close collaboration and technical discussion with clients and academic partners

Assay Service

  • Benefit from a full technology transfer of your assay or let our assay service develop your assays according to your needs
  • Development of assays based on basic cell lines, customized cell lines or iPSC-derived cell types
  • Broad expertise in assay development for in-vitro-toxicology and pharmaceutical testing
  • Wide range of techniques to measure endpoints (FACS, Immunostaining, ELISA, Western blot, qPCR)

Cell Services FAQs

What quality control is carried out with the produced cell lines?

For all cell lines generated at trenzyme, a standard final quality check is carried out. This comprises thaw-viability assay and mycoplasma test. Additional analysis and an extended quality check including stability check are available.

I would like to order the generation of an assay cell line. How long does it take?

The timeline for the generation of a basic pool starts at 5 weeks and for clonal cell lines at 13 weeks.

What kind of analysis of the target expression do you offer?

Depending on the target and your specific requirements we can test the stable cell line for GOI expression by a variety of methods. You can choose from qPCR, Western blot, FACS analysis, ELISA, IF or cell-based assays.

Antje Fuhrmann, PhD

Antje Fuhrmann, PhD

Application & Sales Manager

We would be happy to provide you with support on your cell research project. Contact us and let us know your questions and requests to our cell services. Our scientific experts will reply shortly.

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