Stable Cell Line Development Service

Our custom stable cell line development service offers you tailor-made solutions for your project according to your specific requirements. With over 24 years of experience as a research service provider, we have gained extensive expertise in all areas of cell line development. Our scientific team has in-depth knowledge of working with a wide range of cell lines and targets, and has successfully completed numerous research projects for our clients and partners in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Let us know your target protein and parental cell line of choice and we will design the best and fastest strategy for you.

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Stable Cell Line Development Service

Highly Customized Solutions

Our qualified scientific team at PhD and postdoctoral level can work with any cell line that is commercially available, delivered from your lab or selected from our collection. Our experienced team is dedicated to delivering highly customized solutions to ensure the success of your project. We can handle projects under biosafety level 1 and even 2 (BSL1 or 2). For expression of your gene of interest, you can choose between our proprietary, robust and industry-leading ExoIN technology, available for constitutive and inducible expression, or you can simply provide an expression construct suitable for your cell line. We offer several non-viral and viral gene delivery systems for the most efficient gene transfer even into difficult cell lines. After successful development of a stable cell line, either as a polyclonal cell pool or a monoclonal cell line, we confirm and validate the functional expression of your target protein according to your requirements and the nature of the target protein.

Our project management team, which is highly valued by our customers, will lead you through the whole project and keep you constantly informed on the project progress. That ensures highest flexibility, efficiency and will lead to maximum success.

Cell Line Development Service

Main Advantages

  • Proprietary ExoIN technology: applicable to any cell line and all target classes.
  • Royalty free – Licence Free for R&D applications – No hidden costs
  • Best starting point for your assay development, drug screening and functional studies
  • One-stop-shop: from cloning to shipment of customized ready-to-use stable assay cell line (as a cell pool or single cell clone)
  • Fast adaptation to your requirements thanks to highly customized and flexible project design
  • Dedicated project management team ensures close communication between experts and clients and keeps you constantly informed on the project progress.
  • High Quality – Made in Germany

Process of

Stable Cell Line Development Service

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Why trenzyme is Your Service Provider Of Choice

For Stable Cell Line Development

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Any Cell Line and Target

We can work with any commercially available cell line, our in-house available cell lines or with any cell line from your lab. Cell lines up to BSL2, iPSC or other difficult-to-handle cells are welcome.

Variety of Delivery Systems

We have optimized the processes and focused on chemical and physical gene delivery systems since they give excellent results also for difficult-to-transfect cell lines. But, if desired, we can also apply viral gene delivery systems to ensure that we generate your stable cell line based on any parental cell line.

Highly Customized Service

Whether you require a simple polyclonal fluorescent reporter cell line or a complex project involving the generation of a stable inducible cell line with coexpression of multiple targets, our unique ExoIN- or ExoINDUCE-based technology ensures industry-leading quality at challenging timelines.

One-stop-shop for Stable Cells

From sourcing the parental cells or selecting the appropriate in-house cell lines to generating a stable cell line and producing cell banks – we can take care of everything for you.

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Free Up Your Resources

We are prepared to setup and optimize your new cell-based assay and deliver a 200-vial master cell bank with functional validation. In all cases, we ensure that the project meets your requirements and fits within your budget.

No Hidden Costs

No royalties, no license fees for R&D applications, no limitations. We only charge for the service we provide and commercial usage can be granted easily, if desired.

Broad Experience

With Cell Lines and Target Classes

Cell Lines

Human Cell Lines

  • HEK293
  • HT1080
  • Jurkat
  • NK92
  • MCF-7
  • RPE-1
  • Raji
  • MDAH-041
  • K562
  • THP-1
  • human iPSC lines
  • SH-SY5Y
  • U2OS
  • HepG2
  • NCI-H716
  • Huh-7
  • LnCAP
  • Ramos

Murine Cell Lines

  • A20
  • NIH3T3
  • NSC-34
  • NSO
  • C2C12
  • 3T3-L1
  • B16-F10
  • WT
  • Renca

Rat Cell Lines

  • PC12
  • Rat2
  • MRMT-1

Hamster Cell Lines

  • CHO-K1
  • CHO-S
  • CHO-G alpha 16

Insect Cells

  • HighFive
  • Sf9
  • Sf21

Target Classes

Transmembrane Receptors

  • Thyrosine kinase receptor
  • Thyrosine phosphate receptor
  • G protein coupled receptor
  • Integrin receptors

Cell surface receptors

  • Cell surface receptors

Channel & Transporter Proteins

  • Potassium channel
  • Sodium-dependent dopamine transporter
  • Glucose transporter
  • Glutamate/aspartate transporter

Intracellular Proteins

  • Protein kinase inhibitor

Secreted Proteins

  • Antibodies
  • Extracellular matrix proteins
  • Cyotokines

Other Targets

  • Gqi5
  • Tet repressor
  • Various reporter proteins

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trenzyme’s ExoIN Technology

Modules & Explanation

The ExoIN technology links the expression of the target protein to the expression of a selection marker using the ExoIN tag. The target protein, selection marker and ExoIN tag are transcribed together as a single mRNA transcript. The subsequent co-translational cleavage at the ribosome immediately after the ExoIN tag results in an unmodified and functional target protein. In addition, the target protein and selection marker are expressed in a 1:1 stoichiometric ratio. This makes the ExoIN technology superior to conventional linker sequences such as IRES sequences, which often have variable stoichiometric expression ratios, or 2A peptides, which leave amino acid residues on the expressed proteins. The ExoIN technology offers you a highly flexible platform from single protein expression to co-expression of multiple proteins, where your target protein(s) can be combined with different promoters and selection markers to find the expression cassette and ultimately the combination that will give optimal expression levels in your final stable cell line.

This means that once selected, the stable cell pool will transcribe the target protein almost homogeneously. This unique technology allows easy and efficient selection of high quality stable cell populations with no risk of subsequent silencing or loss of expression, often eliminating the need for time-consuming and expensive single cell cloning for many applications.

ExoIn Modules Constitutive Expression graphic

Main Advantages

of trenzyme’s ExoIN Technology

  • Generation of ready-to-use stable assay cell lines within weeks instead of months – depending on target and parental cell line no single cell cloning is needed.
  • Fast feasibility answer since transient test is predictive for stable cell line.
  • The appearance of false-positive cells (resistant to selection marker but without target expression) can be minimized by our ExoIN technology.
  • ExoIN technology is applicable to any cell line and all target classes.
  • Target remains unmodified and functional.
  • Continuous selection of target expression on protein level (no silencing / no stability issues).
  • Easy co-expression of different targets (three or even more).
  • Homogenous recombinant expression within cell pool.
  • Reliable and powerful platform – more than 1,000 generated cell lines for international clients.
Stable Cell Line Development Timeline Constitutive Expression

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Quality Control Assays

To ensure that you receive the highest quality and validity of your final cell lines, we carry out extensive quality control for our cell line development services. We confirm and validate the functional expression of your target protein according to your requirements and the nature of the target protein. Therefore, we are using a wide range of reliable and established QC methods, some of which are standard in our projects and some of which are optional. Just let us know your preferred method of analysis and we will apply it.

Included Analysis:

  • Assessment of target expression: mRNA (via qPCR) or protein (via Flow cytometry, Western Blot, ELISA or Immunofluorescence)
  • Viability assay
  • Mycoplasma check provided by our partner Eurofins Genomics

Optional Analysis:

  • Cell-Based Assay for validation: e.g. Calcium flux assay, apoptosis assay, reporter assays or phosphorylation assessment
  • Sterility assay
  • Cell line authentication by STR profiling
  • Copy number determination
Further Service Options_trenzyme_Cell Culture Services

Further Options Stable Cell Line Development

Highly flexible and tailor-made solutions for your application. If you require an option that is not listed, please contact us – we will find the ideal solution for you:

  • Once we have generated, thoroughly characterized and validated your customized stable cell line, we lay down a quality-controlled research cell bank by default. Explore our cell expansion and cell banking service for more options, so we can meet your specific needs.
  • We can work with any commercially available cell lines, with our in house available cell lines or with any cell line from your lab. Cell lines up to BSL2, iPSCs or other difficult-to-handle cells are welcome.
  • Tell us your preferred parental cell line (mammalian or insect) and/or your expression system of choice and we will generate the recombinant cell line according to your needs.
  • Inducible target expression (especially suitable for difficult-to-express and toxic targets)
  • GMP-compliant Cell Line Development (for protein production or other applications that require high-end documentation and handling in accordance with guidelines such as ICH and others)
  • Lentiviral gene delivery (for challenging and hard-to-transfect cell lines)

What Our Clients Say About Us

We were astonished by trenzyme’s recently delivered custom ExoIN cell lines. Even “difficult-to-express” constructs show stable and robust expression. I highly recommend trenzyme’s cell line development service.

PD Dr. Dieter Wicher Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology, Jena, Germany
clients logo max planck institute for chemical ecology trenzyme

Relevant Publications of trenzyme’s Highly Qualified Scientific Team

A novel cell line from human eccrine sweat gland duct cells for investigating sweating physiology. Int. J. Cosmet. Sci. 2022; 44: 216– 231. (2022)

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Physicochemical and functional characterization of MYL-1501D, a proposed biosimilar to insulin glargine (2021)

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Toll-like receptor 4 variant D299G induces features of neoplastic progression in Caco-2 intestinal cells and is associated with advanced human colon cancer. Gastroenterology 141, 2154–2165. (2011)

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Stable Cell Line Development Service FAQs

Does the ExoIN technology also work for supension cell lines and adherent cell lines?

Yes, the ExoIN technology works for both adherent and suspension cell lines.

Which cell lines have you already worked with?

We already worked with dozens of human (e.g. HT1080, Jurkat,…) and non-human cell lines (e.g. NIH3T3, PC12,…).

Which methods do you use for generation of single cell clones?

Routinely we apply flow cytometry based cell sorting or limiting dilution for single cell cloning. For difficult target cell lines we also offer colony picking in soft agar.

How many vials and how many cells per vial are delivered?

Our standard delivery comprises 3 cryovials per stable pool and 3 cryovials per each of the 3 best clones with 1e6 cells per vial for adherent cells or up to 1e7 cells for suspensions cells. Additional vials are possible on request.

Do royalties have to be paid?

The ExoIN cell lines are royalty free.

How many clones do you generate?

Our standard is to expand 30 and test up to 24 clones by the agreed method and deliver the best three clones according the analyses. If you have other requirements, we will discuss your needs and can adapt our standard service to a certain extent.

Which countries does trenzyme deliver to?

  • Worldwide shipping (subject to Embargo)
  • Short delivery times
  • Our logistic experts and our delivery partners ensure that all products arrive to you in a perfect state without any loss of quality
  • Trusted and well-known delivery partners operating a worldwide logistics system
  • Continuous tracking and tracing of parcels (the tracking code is made available to you at the time of despatch)
  • Proteins/cell lines are usually shipped on dry ice to prevent quality loss during shipping. If required we can also organize alternative shipping conditions ( e.g. dry shipper, blue ice or room temperature)
  • We are committed to delivering our products with care, as sustainable environmental and climate protection is an important corporate objective (see Code of Conduct).
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antje fuhrmann application & sales manager trenzyme
Antje Fuhrmann, PhD
Application & Sales Manager

We would be happy to provide you with support on your cell research project. Contact us and let us know your questions and requests to our cell services. Our scientific experts will reply shortly.

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