Cell Line Expansion Service & Cell Banking Service

The preparation of cells derived from a continuously growing culture for use in an assay is a challenging and time-consuming process. It is essential to ensure that the cells are prepared in a timely manner, in the correct quantities and of a consistent quality. trenzyme’s cell culture department is specialized in the expansion and cryopreservation of assay ready cells for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. trenzyme‘s assay-ready frozen cells are optimized to perform in your functional assay and provided in suitable aliquots according to your needs. Thus, the cells batches enable streamlining of experimental workflows for any kind of assay such as toxicology assessment, and pharmacological high throughput screening campaigns.

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Cell Line Expansion Service

Streamline Your Experimental Workflow With Assay-Ready Frozen Cells

In order to obtain consistent and reliable results from toxicology assessments, bioassays and high-throughput screening campaigns, it is essential to work with cells that have been sourced from a quality-controlled cell bank.

trenzyme‘s cell line expansion service enables a convenient workflow by decoupling cell culture and assay procedure. The assay-ready frozen cells are cryopreserved in a single batch at high viability, thus allowing for the convenient use of these cells at any time. This process simplifies the overall assay performance. A quality-controlled cell bank of suitable aliquots will be cryopreserved according to your requirements, either as a small research cell bank (RCB) or as a larger, for research-use-only, two-tier (two-stage) cell bank, consisting of a master cell bank (MCB) and a working cell bank (WCB).

Our cell expansion and cell banking service offers the expansion of assay-ready cells, as well as the option of using your research cell line of choice, including stem cells and stem cell-derived cell types (take a look at our stem cell differentiation and stem cell characterization services).

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Process of Cell Line Expansion & Cell Banking Service

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Main Advantages

of trenzyme’s Assay-Ready Frozen Cells

  • As convenient as a reagent – no prior cell cultivation / passaging required
  • Bulk production of adherent cells in screening batches of up to 1e9 cells and up to 1e10 cells for suspension cells
  • Expansion of stable-recombinant cell lines, non-modified cell lines, iPS cell lines and stem cells
  • Carefully monitored cell expansion in CellStacks® or shake flasks
  • Delivery of quality-controlled cells (viability, mycoplasma and optional sterility test, STR analysis)
  • GMP-like documentation available on request
  • Assay-ready frozen cells are provided as a standalone service or as integral part of a cell line generation project

What Our Clients Say About Us

We were impressed by the successful expansion of a very challenging type of stem cells. trenzyme’s assay-ready frozen cells simplified our assay performance tremendously. For future cell expansion projects, we’ll preferably entrust in trenzyme’s cell culture specialists.

Dr. Ralf Heilker Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co KG, Biberach, Germany
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Your Benefits

From Working With Us

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Transparency & Communication

Our dedicated project management will guide your project through every step of the process and keep you constantly informed on the progress. Transparency and high quality service are our mission.

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Longstanding Expertise

With the extensive knowledge of our highly qualified scientific experts and with access to a huge network of partners and technologies, we complete your project successfully and efficiently.

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Optimized Performance

Gentle harvest and cryopreservation of cells guarantee high viability of cells, maintaining optimal target functionality in order to optimize your assay performance. trenzyme’s assay-ready frozen cells are ready-to-use any time.

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High Quality Standards

As an ISO-certified company working with a LIMS based documentation, all projects are completed following highest standards.

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Cell Line Expansion Service FAQs

How do you cultivate the cells for the cell expansion service?

Depending on the cell line type, we use shake flask culture (suspension cell line) or cell stacks (adherent cell line).

Which cell numbers can you generate?

With our cell expansion service we can generate up to 1e9 cells in one batch.

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Antje Fuhrmann, PhD
Application & Sales Manager

We would be happy to provide you with support on your cell research project. Contact us and let us know your questions and requests to our cell services. Our scientific experts will reply shortly.

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