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Since trenzyme’s establishment in 2000, our dedicated team of scientific experts has been continuously developing new and comprehensive solutions to provide reliable support for the individual and challenging projects of our clients. Whether your needs are in development of assay cell lines, GMP-compliant production cell lines or in recombinant protein production, trenzyme delivers the ideal solution by always following its clear mission: Accelerating your innovation and save valuable research time & budget!

Project Manager- trenzyme GmbH

Reinhold Horlacher, PhD

Managing Director

Reinhold holds a PhD in biology from the University of Konstanz (1996). After his postdoctoral research in Konstanz and Boston, he was supported by the “Young Innovators” grant from the federal state of Baden-Württemberg (1998 – 2000). Reinhold founded the company trenzyme in 2000. Until today, he acts as the managing director and CSO of trenzyme and is always highly motivated to find the ideal solution for the individual requirements of trenzymes clients.

Project Manager- trenzyme GmbH

Christina Haenisch, PhD

Project & Quality Manager

Christina holds a PhD in biology from the University of Konstanz (2004). After a postdoc at the University of Townsville Australia, Christina started to work as project manager in a clinical research organization before joining trenzyme in 2014. In addition to her work as project manager, Christina is the quality management representative (DIN EN ISO 9001:2015) of trenzyme.

Antje Fuhrmann, PhD

Application & Sales Manager

Antje holds a PhD in biochemistry from the University of Hohenheim (2010). She worked in various biotechnology companies before joining trenzyme as Application & Sales Manager in 2015. Antje is an expert in mammalian cell culture and has deep insights into general cell culture, primary- and 3D cell culture.

Marketing Manager trenzyme GmbH

Yvonne Heim, M.Sc.

Inside Sales & Marketing Manager

Yvonne holds a Master of Science degree in Molecular Biology from the University of Konstanz (2013). She gained initial experience in marketing by an internship in the Marketing and Communications Department of GATC Biotech before joining trenzyme in 2014. As Inside Sales and Marketing Manager, Yvonne is responsible for trenzymes external communication and customer acquisition.


Marketing Manager trenzyme GmbH

Lena Lögler, B.A.

Online Marketing Manager

Lena holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration (2016) from the University of Applied Science Konstanz. She gained first Online Marketing experience during her practical semester at FlixBus and achieved further experience during her thesis at Before joining trenzyme in 2018, Lena worked for BioLAGO e.V. as project assistant. As Online Marketing Manager at trenzyme, Lena is responsible for maintaining our online presence across all digital channels.


General Contact trenzyme GmbH

Nadine Thurow

Administrative Manager

Nadine is a Foreign Language Correspondent, training completed at the ESO Euro-Schulen Organisation in Halle/Saale in 2003. She achieved administrative experience at Ecron Acunova in Konstanz before entering trenzyme in 2008. At trenzyme, Nadine is the personal assistant to the managing director Dr. Reinhold Horlacher and she is responsible for the administrative management.


trenzyme's quality management assistant

Madeleine Wursthorn, B.Sc.

Quality Management Assistant

Madeleine holds a bachelor’s degree in food, nutrition and hygiene from Sigmaringen University of Applied Sciences (2020). During her practical semester she put the theoretical requirements of quality management into practice. In her bachelor thesis she dealt with the change of the bacterial count on the surface of petrifilms. Madeleine is part of our team since October 2020 and supports our quality management team.

Alexander Brosig, PhD

Department Head Expression and Purification

Alexander obtained his PhD degree from the University of Konstanz in 2008 for his successful work on the characterization and X-ray structure determination of membrane proteins. As a postdoc he continued working in the field of protein biochemistry including both structure determination by X-ray crystallography and functional studies by NMR. Alexander then joined trenzyme’s Expression and Purification department in 2013 and is our expert for bacterial protein production and downstream processing.

Katharina Stadelhofer, B.Sc.

Research Assistant Expression and Purification

Katharina holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biotechnology (2011) from the University of Furtwangen. She is also a well-trained biological technical assistent and worked several years at University of Konstanz. Katharina joined trenzymes Expression and Purification department in 2011 and temporarily left 2013 for a parental leave. Since 2016 she is back in the laboratory and supports our client’s protein expression and purification projects. Katharina will be on maternity leave starting fom February 2020.

Jens Breyer, Dipl.-Biotech.

Research Assistant Expression and Purification

Jens holds a diploma degree in biotechnology from the Fachhochschule of Mannheim (2000). After his studies, he entered a career in a global pharmaceutical company. Jens has experience in protein purification, establishing of stable cell lines, expression of cell lines in suspension (upscaling) and target screening (automation). Since 2017 Jens is part of trenzyme’s team and supports our expression and purification department.

Barbara Jakobs, PhD

Scientist Expression and Purification

Barbara obtained her PhD of Science in Cell Biology from the University of Bern in Switzerland in 2019. During her studies as a PhD student, she designed a strategy to engineer novel nanobodies recognizing a specific target. In 2020, Barbara joined trenzyme to support our protein expression and purification team.

Armin Günther, Dipl.- Biol.

Scientist Molecular Biology & Safety Officer

Armin holds a “Diplom” degree (M.Sc. equivalent) in biology from the University of Konstanz (2001). As a visiting scientist he spent time at Cambridge University and at Edinburgh University. Since 2004, Armin is one of trenzymes Molecular Biology experts and is responsible for all kinds of methods related to molecular cloning, like gene synthesis, PCR cloning and RT-PCR. In addition, he serves as trenzyme’s safety officer.


Tanja Köppl, Dipl.-Biol.

Research Assistant Molecular Biology

Tanja holds a diploma (M. Sc. equivalent) in biology from the University of Konstanz (2000). After her studies, she first entered a career in a biotech company and later in a global pharmaceutical company. Tanja has experience in molecular biology as well as in cell biology like isolation of primary cells and stable cell line development. Since 2016, Tanja is part of trenzyme’s molecular biology team.


Dietmar Lenz, PhD

Department Head Cell Culture

Dietmar holds a PhD in biology from the University of Saarbrücken (2004). He is an expert in mammalian cell culture and has deep insights into sophisticated technologies like the isolation of primary cells, stable cell line development or 3D cell culture. As co-inventor of a transfection system for mammalian cells, he is an expert for electroporation and other transfection methods. In 2013, he joined trenzyme as Department Head Cell Culture.

Jenny Morath, M.Sc.

Scientist Cell Culture

Jenny holds a Master of Science degree in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology from the University of Ulm (2016). During her master thesis at trenzyme GmbH she was involved in the development of cellular assays and gained experience in mammalian cell- and tissue culture. After completing her master thesis, Jenny joined trenzyme’s cell culture department as employee in 2016.

Petra Schildknecht

Research Assistant Cell Culture

Petra received her MTLA degree at the “Naturwissenschaftlich-Technische Akademie, Prof. Dr. Grübler” Isny. After working for several years in academia (Johannes Gutenberg- Universität Mainz), she took the opportunity to move to Lake Constance and enter a career in a biotech company and later in a global pharmaceutical company. By training-on-the-job, she obtained the qualification “Senior Assistant for Molecular Biology and Cell Biology”. Since joining trenzyme in 2013, Petra is one of our technical experts in the area of cell culture and cell line development.

Katharina Gerstmair, Dipl.-Biol.

Research Assistant Cell Culture

Katharina went to University of Konstanz and Univeristy of Rostock and holds a “Diplom” degree (M.Sc. equivalent) in Biology. While being a student, she spent a year at Trinity College Dublin. Katharina joined trenzyme in 2009 and is one of our technical experts in cell culture and cell line development. Ever since joining, she has been a vital part of the company’s expanding cell culture department.

Tanja Waldmann, PhD

Department Head Advanced Cell Systems

Tanja obtained her PhD degree in 2003 and the venia legendi for cell biology and toxicology in 2017 both from the University of Konstanz. After her PhD she moved to the Max Planck Institute for epigenetics and immunology in Freiburg for her postdoc studies. 2009, back in Konstanz, she gained excellent experience in the cultivation and differentiation of human iPSC and ESC as well as murine ESC. During these second post-doctoral studies she used iPSC-derived neuronal cell systems in order to develop new test methods in the field of in vitro toxicology.

Stefanie Traub, PhD

Scientific Coordination Advanced Cell Systems

Stefanie holds a PhD in biology from the University of Konstanz (2020). She gained initial expertise in human induced pluripotent stem cell (hiPS cell) research during her internship at Greiner Bio-one before starting her PhD studies at Boehringer Ingelheim. During her PhD, she established a human iPS cell-derived neuronal model cell for high throughput screening and was involved in several cell-based projects, including assay development, miniaturization and automation. Since joining trenzyme in 2016, Stefanie is an expert in mammalian cell culture with emphasis on hiPS cell differentiation, cellular expansion and molecular characterization.

Sabrina Henke, M.Sc.

Scientist Advanced Cell Systems

Sabrina holds a Master of Science degree in biology from the University of Konstanz (2019). During her master thesis she studied the impact of human fibroblasts on proximal tubule epithelial cells and the subsequent application of this system for drug-induced nephrotoxicity. In this regard, she gained extensive knowledge in establishing highly physiological transwell co-culture systems and their toxicological applicability. Sabrina joined trenzyme in 2020 and is one of our technical experts for advanced cell systems.

Conner Balkema, M.Sc.

PhD Student Cell Culture

Conner holds a Master of Science degree in “Cellular and Molecular Biology” from the University of Konstanz (2020). He joined trenzyme in 2019 as a student assistant. During his subsequent master thesis at trenzyme, Conner tested a novel mechanism to improve the yield of recombinant protein in human embryonic kidney (HEK) cells. Since January 2021, Conner is working as a doctoral student at trenzyme in cooperation with the research group of Prof. Dr. Elke Deuerling. He is examining possibilities on reducing the cell protective mechanism “unfolded protein response” in eukaryotic cell systems.


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