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We are proud to play a small part in the big topic of protecting our environment. We ship our products in the most climate-friendly way possible, and also pay attention to recycling and sustainability in our offices, in the laboratories and in the production as much as we can. Have a look at our efforts to make the world a little bit better. If you have any ideas on how trenzyme can do even more for the environment than before, please let us know!

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Packaging: package box


We mainly pack our products in dry ice if there is no other option. As it is important to us that the product reaches our customers quickly, safely and without any loss of quality, we unfortunately cannot do without it. However, we adjust the amount of packaging material depending on the destination and order. Dry ice production is energy-intensive, which is why it is important to us to use it carefully and sparingly. We purchase the dry ice directly from a supplier in our area, which also avoids long transportation routes. We also store the dry ice at -70 degrees instead of -80 degrees, which is also an energy-saving measure.

Shipping: delivery truck


Only if it is necessary, we are shipping with dry ice (mostly for liquid products). I fit is possibly we are using blue ice. Our lyophilized products can be shipped at ambient temperature, which is more environmentally friendly and for our customers much cheaper. For more information, you can look at our shipping policy regarding our webshop.

Recycling: Arrows


trenzyme has been working with the company Pan-Biotech from Bavaria, Germany, since 2022 on a collection campaign for media bottles using a collection box. The recycled plastic is used to produce granulate, which is then used to make garden chairs, plastic bin liners, etc.

Reusing: coffee maschine


At trenzyme, we love coffee. This results in a lot of coffee grounds. We collect these for garden culture. Around 4 kg of coffee grounds are recycled every week. Colleagues repurpose coffee grounds as fertilizer instead of throwing it in the organic waste. Incidentally, every coffee lover can easily do this at home for indoor plants, garden or balcony.

Returning: Box with arrows


In various departments, such as Cell Culture, Molecular Biology or Advanced Cell Systems, materials such as boxes etc. are sent back so that they can be refilled. In Germany, waste is separated anyway, and we at trenzyme adhere to this carefully so that plastic, paper and glass are recycled or reused as far as possible.

Sustainability fairs: Hands earth

Sustainability fairs

To stay up to date on the topic of sustainability, trenzyme regularly attends sustainability trade fairs. In 2023, trenzyme attended the Th. Geyer GmbH & Co. KG in-house exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany, which was organized for customers and suppliers. The event covered many topics relating to the laboratory and sustainability. Major global players such as Eppendorf, who conduct a lot of research on this topic, were also present. trenzyme also attended webinars on the subject, including from Beckmann Coulter. trenzyme keep going with this exciting and important topic that affects us all, whether we are private individuals or companies!

Code of Conduct: paper

Code of Conduct

In our Code of Conduct you will find more information on sustainability in the various areas: social, economic, research and ethical

Sustainable use of paper and ink: printer

Sustainable use of paper and ink

trenzyme strives to work as paperless as possible. But it’s not 100% yet – with our new Brother printer, we have found a sustainable campaign that we support by recycling toner cartridges. This campaign is called “help save the forest – coolearth – brother earth”. Instead of ending up in the residual waste, the toner cartridges are refilled. Another small step to help the environment, and everyone can take part! Further information at

Ideas for the future: bycicle

Ideas for the future

In the near future, trenzyme would like to further develop the topic of company bikes as a contribution to sustainable mobility for employees. As soon as there is news about this, you will find it here, so stay tuned.

Compensation: Flower


As we unfortunately cannot completely dispense with plastic and the associated waste for research work at trenzyme, another sustainability measure is offsetting. Since 2023, we have been in talks with the Insel Mainau for a joint cooperation. We want to contribute to sustainability by sponsoring trees on site and/or caring for orchards. This involves sustainable projects on our doorstep, as transparency and traceability are important.

junior quality manager of trenzyme GmbH ensures high quality cell line development and protein production projects.
Madeleine Wursthorn
Quality Manager & Administrative Officer

Madeleine welcomes any questions you may have about our quality management or sustainability strategy.

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